4 Hours – Airway Management

This is an excellent workshop to equip first aiders with the necessary skills to teach and assess their own students Airway Management.

It will advise on the inherent dangers associated with the use various types of airways, whilst administering first aid in a high-risk environment for the purpose of saving life.

It has been developed to meet the requirements of industries that consider themselves to be at high risk following a suitable and sufficient risk assessment. Thisworkshop will equip the first aider with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise on how to manage an airway in the event of an emergency.

This course is suitable for qualified First Aiders & Emergency First Aiders.

The course is made up of practical and theoretical sessions delivered by your Instructor who will provide a detailed course programme.

– The respiratory system
– Principles of airway management
– Airway examination and assessment
– The airway management ladder
– Examine and assess
– Position
– Postural drainage or suction
– Jaw thrust
– Nasopharyngeal airways
– Oropharyngeal airways
– Supraglottic airway devices
– Practical skills stations

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