DR <C> ABCDE for Outdoor and DofE Leaders

The most common question we are asked during a Solution Aid Rescue and Emergency Care (REC) 16 hour outdoor first aid course is “What should I carry in my first aid kit?” This often happens as participants evaluate the content of the first aid kit they usually carry as they proceed through the course. As course leaders this brings us great satisfaction, as it is instant feedback regarding how people are reviewing how they would operate and apply their skills in a first aid situation. 

At Solution Aid we are fortunate to train people from all walks of life, from medical practitioners such as doctors and dentists to outdoor and DofE leaders, alongside electricians, ecologists and uniformed service leaders, to name but a few. Our approach is always the same DR<C>ABCDE. This keeps our protocols simple and allows individuals to manage their adrenalin and use the protocol to manage and administer first aid, regardless of the situation and location they are faced with. 

On a REC 16 hour outdoor Solution Aid First Aid course you will cover (D) Danger, (R) Response, <C> Catastrophic Bleeding, (A) Airway, (Breathing), (C) Circulation, (D) Damage/ Deformity/ Disability, (E) Ensure/Emotion/Environment. Within the confines of the protocol, you will learn to consider how to carry enough warm kit to remain static by your casualty’s side for an extended period of time and consider how when and why you will touch your casualty to administer first aid to keep you and them safe. What you could do to stop or slow down a catastrophic bleed. How you could clear a superficial blockage in an airway, and how you may have to breath for a casualty. How to access and treat a bleed/circulation issue, including examining, cleaning, and dressing a wound. How to immobilise a potential fracture. How to deal with a potential heart attack or choking. All while you reassure your casualty, so they feel safe and secure and manage your own emotions in which ever environment you find yourself in. 

So, if you are a DofE Leader, an Outdoor Instructor, someone who requires a first aid certificate to validate a qualification/permit or the requirements of an employer or simply someone with an interest in first aid then please book on to one of our informative, hands on practical courses. We are certain that we can make our DR <C> ABCDE protocol for the management of first aid work for you. 

We run regular first aid at work courses throughout the North West of England in areas such as Liverpool, Warrington, Manchester, Chester and Preston.

If you feel this 16 hour first aid training course would be suitable for you or your organisation please do not hesitate to make contact with us on 07582 062 257 or email info@solutionaid.co.uk