REC Outdoor – 16 Hours [2 Days]

Module 2 of the REC approach covers Day 1 (Outdoor 8hrs) and offers a supplementary day that covers practical interactive scenarios and helps develop incident management skills. This course can be geared towards urban or rural environments.

The course is also designed to cover the needs of the following National Governing Bodies for their instructor awards. (ML, SPA, NCA, BCU, RYA, BOF, MIA, MIC.)


A range of subjects are covered including:

A range of subjects are covered including;

–   First Aid Principles
–   Vital Signs
–   Accident Procedure – ABCDE
–   Safe Airway Position
–   Bleeding/Shock
–   Dealing with incidents
–   Resuscitation Theory
–   Resuscitation (CPR) for Heart Attack and Non-Heart Attack
–   AED Use
–   Choking
–   Limb Injuries (Damage)
–   Head & Neck Injuries
–   Chest & Stomach Injuries
–   Common Medical Emergencies
–   Hypothermia/Hyperthermia
–   Two Person Rescues
–   Triage

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